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Opel Kapitan 1954

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The Opel Kapitan was a luxury model of the German brand, whose first model emerged in 1938; this was the substitute for the Opel Admiral and years later was replaced by the Opel Diplomat.
The Opel Kapitän is an executive car made in several different generations by the German car manufacturer Opel from 1938 to 1970.
From November 1953 to February 1958, 154,098 Kapitäns were built.
In its time, this generation was the third-most popular car in Germany behind Volkswagen´s Beetle and Opel’s own Rekord. The Opel Kapitan became a car much appreciated throughout Europe.
The Kapitan and the other two models came out with a body that was 1.90 meters wide and 4.95 meters long, undoubtedly majestic and elegant for the time, but the model we are talking about today
became the six-cylinder car with more sales in Germany.
Another of the outstanding features of the model was the front seat that could be moved forward and backward, which gave it the advantage and distinguished it from other models, as it accommodated one more passenger, then while the others housed five passengers given the individual front seats,
this could comfortably transport six people, in those times and reaching maximum speeds of 155 kilometers per hour, and gave it a place to occupy in the luxury car segment.

Vehicle base: Split – Croatia

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