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Daimler DS 420

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Can accommodate up to 7 passengers. This car is the perfect match for bridal cars.
Spacious and can accommodate any dress style.

This was the Queen Mother`s favored car of state and one example went down in history by leading the funeral procession of Princess Diana.
Daimler Ds 420 Limousines are a popular choice for many brides. It is also an ideal bridesmaids car due to the seating capacity, however, three of the back seats fold up to allow a massive interior to accommodate a brides dress and drives very smoothly.

The elegant and prestigious Daimler ds 420 Limousine wedding cars can accommodate 7 passengers, decorated in black over ivory. A very large classic Limousine traditionally favored by heads of state and visiting royalty. The Daimler DS420 remained in production for 25 years and become a national institution, favored by Royalty and local government alike. By 1976, DS420 limousines were available as “special order” with some “on speculation” cars built.

A decision was made to continue production of the automobile until such time as it became economically unfeasible to continue production. In the last years of the production, only three copies were made.

The first produced went to the Queen Mother. The second went to the Queen. The third car was to be used by Jaguar Coventry. The final car, still at Coventry in the possession of the Jaguar-Daimler Heritage Trust Museum.

This car was a response to the Rolls Royce Phantom V limousine. It is precisely the same length and width and shares similar interior dimensions and accouterments. It is powered by a Jaguar 4.2 litre engine, with dual carbs and an automatic transmission.

The interior is the last word in luxury. All cabinet work was carried out in traditional burr walnut, including the big wooden instrument panel. The seat upholstery is either in leather or West of England cloth. Seating in the rear compartment consists of a standard bench seat with fold-out center armrest, 2 side armrests, and 2 occasional fold-out seats which store away against the cental divder.

The front chauffer’s compartment consists of dual bucket seats. A rear cocktail bar is available as an option for the rear compartment. Certainly, you could contemplate taking it on a touring holiday.

A total of 3,717 limousines and 802 chassis were delivered over the 25 year lifetime of the model.

This is a remarkable car. Daimlers held the crown in the carriage trade.

Vehicle base: City of Zagreb – Croatia

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